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On our hiking

Trip to Georgia, Tbilisi

In this video you can get a glimpse at the Peace Corps Ukraine office and see Rebecca ring the bell. It’s a tradition to ring the bell to close out your service with Peace Corps. I was lucky to see that! To the left of Rebecca (the guy who is saying “good luck and bla bla bla” is the (now former) director of Peace Corps Ukraine.

Rebecca had her service in Cherkasy, Ukraine.

After Rebecca rang the bell we flew to Tbilisi, Georgia.


Hiking in VEDAUWOO park


Vedauwoo (pronounced vee-da-voo), located in southeastern Wyoming, is Arapaho for “earth-born.”

The Sherman Granite (the composition of these rocks) are 1.4 billion years old and are some of the oldest rocks in Wyoming though certainly not the oldest.

It was an amazing rush to climb these rock formations and to feel like you are touching the history of nature. I couldn’t stop looking at them.

While we were hiking, I didn’t think about anything but the environment surrounding me. It’s like looking into fire or a body of water, it clears your mind. Total meditation. I think that’s why people who live in the mountains are the happiest. To have access to such an abundance of nature is rejuvinating.

And that’s what I call rest! 🙂

Cherkasy’s abandoned places

One more video

Me and my friend Nikita were driving around Cherkasy city and visited abandoned places. We like to explore places like this.

Cherkasy is not that gray city as you might think due to this video but it has a lot of abandoned factories and building. We like to explore this who knows even why… Why do people like places like this? What is interesting about it. Maybe just the idea that some day long time ago people worked there and walked there and it was nothing like now? Maybe